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"Lovely podcast! Amazing for my children
My 3 year old and 5 year old love this podcast! The stories are gentle and calming to listen to which helps them relax. I love it because they dont have to watch a screen, they can just listen."

My children love these stories!"

"So enriching for my 4-year-old!
As a Montessori educator, this has been such an enriching resource for my 4-year-old. These stories are beautifully written in the imagination and are skillfully told."

"Love these!
These are my 5.5 & 3.5 year old's favorite audio stories. Thoughtful content delivered with love and sensitivity. Thank you!!!"

"Great bedtime stories
My 3.5-year-old son loves to listen to a story every night before bed. We've listened every night for the last few months ever since finding out about this podcast. He has some favorites that he will request. It's really cool to see how much he's comprehending from oral stories"

"Lovely stories!
These stories are told so beautifully, my young children love listening to them!"