#91 A Candle in the Night

by Chinyelu Kunz

There is much unrest and fear in our world which causes anxiety and nervousness. Young children feel this deeply and are the receivers of this vibration. I wrote this story as a healing balm for young children because they are caught in the middle of the fear, anxiety, and nervousness and they do not have the capacity to express all that they feel. The story was born out of my personal childhood experience of being caught in my war torn country of Nigeria as a child of 7 as the country went through a civil war. My family survived the initial onslaught of war before narrowly escaping and fleeing to the United States. 

Stories can offer healing simply in the telling. They don’t have to be dissected, turned upside down or inside out to hold meaning and value. They just need to be heard over and over and over again so they can become a healing balm. I hope this story becomes a healing balm for all who hear it. 

We recommend this story for ages 3 – 7

/ About the Author: Chinyelu Kunz

Chinyelu Kunz, is the founder of We Nurture Collective. In 2020, after 25 years as a Waldorf early childhood educator, her growing passion to support parents of young children, on a bigger platform, led her to leave classroom teaching. She created the parenting podcast, We Nurture which was quickly followed by The Stories for Children podcast. She loves writing stories for children and hopes to do this more in the future.