#90 The Fairy Farewell Festival


One bright September morning Eloise, the Fairy Queen, called all the fairies to the Emerald Glade to announce the Farewell Festival which was set to take place in two days. All the fairies were given a task except for the youngest fairy, Fiona, who had been asleep. When she woke up and remembered that it was the day Queen Eloise would be assigning tasks for the festival. As fast as her wings could take her, she flew to Queen Eloise so she could receive a task. 

Recommended for ages 3-7

/ About the Author: Christy Klincewicz

“This is my 20th year as a Waldorf Early Childhood Educator. My early experiences of exploring the wonder and beauty of the natural world and the reverent moments created by lighted candles on the Christmas tree and ringing a bell to invite the angels in, have shaped me to take up my work with young children. The imaginations impressed upon my soul from the taste of cold, clear mountain streams and peeping into the magical worlds hidden beneath their mossy banks have given me a rich pictorial language. I love creating stories where the world is good, kind friends help those in need and love weaves a mantle of safety and warmth. Often these stories arise when the children say, “Tell us a story.” Then I, too, listen as Mother of the Fairy Tales whispers in my ear.” To learn more about Christy’s work and to purchase her book “Fleetfoot Fox Catches a Cold”, visit www.rockinghorsestories.com

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