The Nurturing Circle Community

The Nurturing Circle Community

Your place to find expert guidance, connection, and personal growth on your parenting journey.

Your place to find expert guidance, connection, and personal growth on your parenting journey.

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A mentoring program 
thoughtfully created for

Teachers currently in training who are eager to deepen their understanding of Waldorf pedagogy and enhance their skills as they prepare for their future classrooms.

Experienced teachers desiring to refine their teaching techniques, address specific challenges and gain fresh insights to invigorate their teaching practice.

Educators working in non-Waldorf early childhood programs who are drawn to the principles of Waldorf education and seek support in incorporating these principles into their classrooms.

Early childhood teachers new to Waldorf education seeking guidance and support to establish a strong foundation in their teaching practice.

Home-based program teachers who embrace a play and nature-based approach to early childhood education and wish to further develop their skills in creating an engaging and holistic classroom environment.

It’s time for you to step into your role as a confident and empowered educator to create the classroom environment you’ve always dreamed of with a thriving parent community while strengthening your teaching skills.

Here’s what awaits you in the Waldorf Wisdom Mentoring Program

Classroom Transformation: 
Unlock the tools and guidance to create a nurturing and inspiring classroom environment that supports the holistic development of each child.

A Thriving Community of Parents: 
Learn how to foster community in your program and create a space for parents to open up and feel supported by both you and fellow parents.

Strengthened Teaching Skills: 
Gain proven strategies, insights, and techniques to elevate your teaching skills and create meaningful daily experiences for the children in your classroom.

Develop a Harmonious Daily Rhythm: 
Discover the power of a well-crafted daily rhythm that supports children’s natural rhythms and enhances their sense of security, balance, and overall well-being.

Skillfully Support Children with Challenging Behaviors: 
Learn effective strategies and approaches to support children with challenging behaviors, promoting their social-emotional development and creating a harmonious classroom environment for all.

Create an Inviting and Beautiful Waldorf-Inspired Classroom:
Gain insights and practical tips for setting up and beautifying your classroom, creating an environment that feels peaceful and homey for both you and the children in your class.

Strengthen your Confidence as a Teacher: 
Build a solid foundation of confidence in your teaching abilities, knowing that you have the knowledge, skills, and support to navigate any challenges that may arise.

Master Parent-Teacher Conferences: 
Learn best practices for conducting successful and meaningful parent-teacher conferences, fostering open dialogue, and creating opportunities for collaboration and shared goals.

Create Smooth and Seamless Transitions: 
Learn how to create smoother transitions between activities, to minimize challenging behavior, and create more enjoyable days for you and the children in your class.

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You’re here because...

You’re seeking to strengthen your confidence as a teacher, gaining the knowledge and tools to overcome self-doubt and step into your power as a capable and inspiring leader in the classroom.

You want to create a beautiful and engaging classroom space that reflects the principles of Waldorf education, stimulating children’s imagination.

You aspire to conduct parent conferences with confidence and clarity, building strong partnerships with parents to support their children’s development.

You’re ready to confidently step into your role as an early childhood teacher but aren’t sure how to get there.

You want to establish a consistent daily rhythm that brings ease and flow to your classroom, creating a nurturing environment for children to thrive.

You want to discover gentle and effective ways to guide and support children through challenging behaviors, fostering a positive and joyful classroom environment.

Kind Words from past clients

- Jackie B

I consider myself very fortunate to have had Chinyelu as my mentor. Her seemingly infinite wisdom and innate capacities with children combined with gentle guidance were a balm to me as I began teaching Parent and Child classes and then leading preschool classes at the Waldorf School of Baltimore. I am forever grateful to have been immersed in coursework at the Rosebud Garden where Chinyelu's aesthetic touch made the children's environment sing with beauty and wonder. My classes and colleagues, as well as my own family, are richer for the lessons and confidence I gained in working with Chinyelu.

- lisa

At Susquehanna Waldorf School we were privileged to have Chinyelu as a mentor for our new Kindergarten teacher who was having difficulty with the challenging behaviors of some of her children. Chinyelu helped our teacher to look more deeply into each child, to bring joy into her relationships with the children, to handle transitions calmly, and to bring peace to naptime. Our teacher felt that she benefited greatly from Chinyelu’s guidance and we were all exceptionally pleased with her progress. Chinyelu’s educational insights and gentle presence worked wonders!

I invite you to embark on this transformative journey with me. Together, lets create a thriving early childhood program where you and the children in your care can flourish.

In the summer of 2020, I embarked on a new chapter in my career, making the bold decision to dedicate myself fully to creating We Nurture Collective.

Through the Waldorf Wisdom teacher mentoring program, I empower educators to confidently step into their roles and create the classrooms of their dreams. I understand the challenges teachers face, from establishing daily rhythms to navigating parent conferences, managing conflicts among children, and fostering smoother transitions. I offer practical strategies, gentle communication techniques, and best practices for creating a harmonious classroom environment.

Hi! I'm Chinyelu

It was there that I had the incredible opportunity to lead the pre-school program, Rosebud Garden. Starting with a single classroom and a handful of students, I grew the program to three classrooms with over 36 students. I poured my heart into rebranding the program, expanding from three half days to five full days.

With a deep love for creating nurturing environments, I envisioned and brought to life captivating indoor and outdoor spaces. Outside, I created enchanting playgrounds, cultivated a magical forest, and even planted a flourishing vegetable garden. Collaborating with my community of parents, we built a beautiful chicken coop and adopted a small flock chickens.

I embarked on my teaching journey in 2004 when my family moved to Pennsylvania and joined the Kimberton Waldorf School Community.

Rain or shine, the sandbox awaits their playful adventures, while the garden shed holds treasures of toys and gardening tools for cultivating herbs and vegetables. Among the diverse array of trees and bushes, carefully designated climbing trees provide both excitement and safety. As you meander through the forest, you stumble upon a child-sized wooden wheelbarrow, soon to be filled with laughter during playtime. From blossoming cherry trees in spring to flowering wisteria and fruit-bearing apple and pear trees, the garden offers a kaleidoscope of colors, nurturing the children’s physical, sensory, and imaginative capacities.

You walk into your classroom and take in the home like environment that you’ve created. There’s beauty all around, simple yet pure. You’ve gathered natural materials such as wood, silk and cotton, plain-cloths, and wool sheepskins for the children to play on and with. All the materials that surround the children in your classroom offer authentic sensory experiences and this helps to bring calm into the classroom. The children’s eyes and nervous system can be at rest in an environment that isn’t cluttered.

i'm ready to start!

With a healthy rhythm in place, the daily activities flow smoothly and seamlessly. From snack time to outdoor play time, to lunch and nap time. Everyone knows what to expect and this makes it possible to gently guide the children through their day. Your classroom rhythm allows for time to observe the children and mindfully attend to their social, emotional, and physical needs while supporting their cognitive development. Parent-Teacher conferences are an opportunity for you to share your observations of the children as well as speak to parents about the inner workings of the classroom. When your classroom community of children, parents, and teachers come together to celebrate festivals marking important times of the year, you are proud of the classroom culture you have cultivated with love and care. 

At the end of the day, you turn off the lights, lock the doors and go home to your family, thus ending another beautiful day. You think of the children, imagining what the next day will bring. You think of the parents, their questions and concerns about their child’s development. You look forward knowing that each passing day brings everyone closer together in relationship. 

You confidently offer these home tasks to the children in simple ways knowing that it’s an essential piece to building their confidence and most importantly, your rhythm establishes a foundation that makes disciplining almost non existent because the rhythm naturally creates boundaries. 

Let’s take a peek into what a day in your program could look like…

This is when you know that you have created more than just a classroom, you have created a home away from home.

As you arrive in the morning, you delight in strolling through the vibrant garden before entering your classroom. 

Picture this… you are a lead early childhood teacher, eagerly awaiting the arrival of children and families in your classroom. Imagine your confidence knowing that you are the one who shapes and influences the children’s environment not only through the rhythm of the day that you have created, but also through the activities, the meals, and the furnishings that imbue the classroom with a welcoming warmth. Together with assistants and other lead teachers, you have cultivated warm loving collegial relationships. 

You know rhythm is essentially the foundation in your work with the children and so you have created a healthy, nourishing rhythm. You guide the children by daily, weekly and seasonal activities which provide essential opportunities for them to engage in a number of activities that take place during the week. 

You have created a classroom environment where nurturing care, filled with warmth and love is alive for the children and their families.

You start each morning with creative free play. During this time, you and your assistant also engage the children in daily, and weekly activities such as preparing snack together, prepping lunch, sweeping or polishing the wooden toys that they play with, watering the plants or cleaning the classroom. 

The outdoor play yard and garden you have created bring you immense joy, knowing they foster the growth, development, and sheer enjoyment of the children. 

Ten months of one-on-one support with Chinyelu

One phone call per month (ten total)

Unlimited email support between sessions

Direct access to early childhood expert, Chinyelu

The Journeying Educator

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Consistent support for the full school year, First-time teachers, Support in building the parent community, Assistant or lead teachers, and more

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Three months of one-on-one support with Chinyelu

Two phone calls per month (six total)

Unlimited email support between sessions

Direct access to early childhood expert, Chinyelu

The Flourishing Educator

Perfect for: 
Support during a certain time of year. Running successful parent conferences. Preparing for the upcoming school year. Help with unforeseen challenges, and more

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