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New teachers just starting out. If you’re a newly appointed early childhood teacher looking for guidance and support to kickstart your teaching journey, this session is a great starting point. Gain valuable insights, strategies, and confidence to excel in your role right from the start.

Experienced teachers seeking a boost. Are you an experienced teacher feeling stuck or in need of a fresh perspective? This session offers a revitalizing boost to reignite your passion for teaching. Dive into targeted discussions, and tap into new ideas to enhance your teaching practice.

Busy teachers needing quick solutions. If you’re a busy teacher with limited time availability, this one-off mentoring session provides focused and actionable solutions. Address specific challenges or concerns efficiently and effectively, gaining practical strategies that you can implement immediately in your classroom.

Home-based program leaders. Whether you’re starting or running a home-based early childhood program, this session is will help you get off to the right start. Gain valuable insights and tailored guidance on creating a nurturing and enriching environment in your home, implementing a play-based curriculum, and building strong connections with children and their families.

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Meet your coach, Chinyelu

I embarked on my teaching journey in 2004 when my family moved to Pennsylvania and joined the Kimberton Waldorf School Community.

It was there that I had the incredible opportunity to lead the pre-school program, Rosebud Garden. Starting with a single classroom and a handful of students, I grew the program to three classrooms with over 36 students. 

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In just one hour, this transformative teacher mentoring session will leave you reinvigorated, inspired, and equipped with practical strategies to elevate your teaching and create a classroom experience that nurtures both you and the children in your care.

Kind Words from past clients

“Chinyelu is deeply committed to the care of the caregiver.  As a mentor for LifeWays students, she offered inspiration and compassion to teachers who are striving to become their best self in order to serve the children and families in their care.  Whether her students are parents, teachers, or caregivers, Chinyelu has a way of lifting their spirits and enlightening their vision.” 

- cynthia

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Get Ready for...

a renewed sense of confidence and clarity in your teaching approach, as you gain insights and practical strategies tailored to your unique needs.

personalized guidance and support that will address specific challenges you’re facing, empowering you to overcome obstacles and create a more harmonious classroom experience.

a boost of inspiration and motivation, as you explore new possibilities and discover untapped potential within yourself as an educator.

A 60 minute 1:1 mentoring session phone call

Guidance and practical tools to overcome specific teaching challenges, empowering you to navigate them with confidence and effectiveness.

A clear roadmap for advancing your teaching approach

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