Episode 8: Why Conscious Parenting Matters

Season 7

Parenting wakes us up, sometimes in jarring ways especially when we begin to be more aware of our actions and behavior. In fact, it can sometimes be a surprise to us. It can be frustrating, scary, confusing, and leave us feeling helpless. When we become conscious of our behavior, our words, and actions we see that we actually have a choice, we can choose to raise our consciousness and live in alignment with the person we’re striving to become. Being conscious brings us closer to making the changes that we want to see in ourselves.

In this episode, I dive into talking about 10 ways you can parent with greater consciousness. The 10 ways I focus on are;

  • Becoming conscious of your behavior, words, actions, and gestures.
  •   Working on self-development.
  •   Working on your personal challenges and triggers.
  •   Modeling behavior you want to see in your child.
  •   Creating healthy home rhythms.
  •   Slowing down and simplifying daily routines.
  •  Communicating clearly and limiting choices
  •   Being intentional with your words & limiting adult information
  •   Listening with interest
  •  Having Compassion and Empathy for your child’s big feelings

There’s a lot that I cover in this episode, including where I describe a foundation that’s needed for the young child’s healthy development. 

I hope you enjoy this episode!