Simple Verses to Help Your Child Get Dressed

Compiled By Chinyelu Kunz

I couldn’t resist sharing these verses with you because using verses throughout the day is a simple and easy way to have more joyful days with your child. When you connect using verses, you’ll also find that it’s much more effective than calling out a command or demand.

Use these verses and you’ll create intentional moments for connection AND you’ll find that verses really do help your child move through the day’s ups and downs as well as transitions with greater ease. Make it one of your child’s morning rituals!

I’d love to hear what morning rituals you’ve created for your child! Comment below.

Up the hill, down the hill,

Marching they will go.

When they’re up, they’re very high,

When they’re down, they’re oh so low,

Marching, marching in a row.

Where are they going?

Nobody knows!

Over your head the (red) shirt goes.

Then one arm in, then two arms in.

Shimmy and shake, shimmy and shake

Until it’s all the way down.

(when you say the verse and do things the same way every time, you’ll find your child imitating you on their own.)

One leg in, two legs in,

Then pull and pull up to the sky,

But don’t let the zipper slip you by,

He’s sneaky but you’ll catch him by and by!

(the key is repetition and keeping things the same as much as possible. Also keeping it fun keeps your child’s attention. I guarantee that in time you’ll find your child dressing themselves while saying the verses.)

Hickory, dickory dock,

Let’s put on your socks

With quiet feet that make no sound,

You’ll walk around all over town,

and hear the clocks make their sound

tick tock, tick tock.

(you can make it fun and ask “how will you walk around town today?)

One, two, buckle my shoe,

Three, four, shut the door,

Five, six pick up sticks.

Seven, eight, lay them straight.

Nine, ten, a big fat hen.

(make putting on shoes a fun game and see if they can be on before big fat hen)