#53 The Butterfly Moon – A Tale for Ramadan

“This is a sweet tale I love to share with children. Especially my own children. It is a tale of everyday childhood wonder, rooted in their own family histories. A testament to the power of oral tradition and intergenerational storytelling to bring two small boys into the arms of their grandparents, in spite of the oceans and heavens between them. It really comes to life with the addition of puppetry such as a story doll, a woolly butterfly and a shining crescent moon hanging from a string. Little stones, leaves and bits of nature are the perfect finishing touches for this Ramadan tale. But, it’s just as beautiful told to children at bedtime or while seated on your lap.”   Written by Ashley J. May – From the book Thirty sunsets and a moon – volume one. A collaborative project by Ashley J. May & Jessica Lewis Stevens

We recommend this story for all ages!