Episode 6: Navigating Boundary Expectations When Parenting Together

season 7

Boundary expectations are connected to how parents choose to raise their children. The way you both think, the decisions you both make are informed, consciously or unconsciously, by what you both value and perhaps even more so, the personality traits you want to see in your child. But you both will not know what characteristics or traits are important to you unless you both talk about it.  Because it takes being sensitive to each other’s perspective, communication is key.  It’s the best way to build a bridge of understanding and it means being sensitive to each other’s perspective.

In this episode, I talk about three important steps to take and I give step and step advice to build a bridge that will help you and your spouse or partner come together with greater understanding. It’s not only with boundary expectations that you will have differing opinions, there will be other aspects in parenting that will challenge how you communicate and this is why creating a foundation for how to communicate is so important.