Episode 9: Mothering, Coziness and Warmth in Autumn

season 5

As we move into autumn, with longer shadows and colder mornings, we become more naturally inclined towards coziness. Let this be a pathway for your love and connection with your little one to grow deeper and warmer too. In today’s Seasonal Thursday episode, we are looking at mothering, coziness, and warmth in autumn! There are many things you can do to create a feeling of warmth in your home, from physical actions and words, to delicious sensory vegetables and food experiences. You can also invite a nourishing connection to the earth by creating a dedicated nature corner in your home, and share the magic of tending to this corner together. We also dive into mothering your little one’s physical warmth, why their growing bodies scientifically need us to care for their temperature, and the importance of practical morning layers. There are tons of cozy suggestions and wonderful ideas for you to try, so begin your autumn adventure and snuggle into the love by listening in today!