Episode 7: What you can Learn from your Childs Drawings (Part One)

season 6

The ability to understand your child’s drawings gives you a new perspective into their own, private world. Today on Blossoming Tuesday, I explore drawing as a process of developing interconnections and expressing emotions through different shapes and images. I’ll describe the positive exploration, expressive, and anchoring processes a child goes through by drawing. I will  guide listeners through the sequences and phases of development to give  a glimpse into the growth of a child’s individuality. I will talk about how to better understand the beginning of a child’s thought, separation of their inner and outer world, and development into their own human being. Drawing is a unique experience through movement and impressions, and it allows us to follow along with a child on their developmental pathway. Tune in to discover why you should not ask a child to explain their drawings, but rather attempt to understand a child through their drawings. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The positive, explorational processes children go through while drawing.
  • A look at children’s developmental stages in relation to their drawings.
  • Looking at the early phase, middle phase, and late phase of children’s development.
  • The importance of a child’s experiences of drawing with no need for explanations.
  • How a sense of individuality and being human emerges through a child’s drawings.
  • The connections between the phases of a child’s drawings and their phases of play.
  • How to understand and follow the journey of the shapes and images your child draws.
  • Explaining different theories and potential meanings of different-shaped drawings.