Episode 5: Creating a Waldorf Atmosphere at Home

season 6

Today is Q&A Friday on the We Nurture Podcast, and I will be sharing tips on how to create a Waldorf atmosphere for your children at home. I’ll discuss the foundation of the Waldorf education system and how you can begin to create a similar atmosphere in your home. You’ll learn how important it is to develop yourself as a parent, as well as how rhythm contributes to the Waldorf atmosphere, and I’ll delve into what it means to embody a space before listing the three most important rooms in a house and what you can do to create a Waldorf atmosphere in them. Lastly, I’ll list some helpful tips to turn your home into a Waldorf education-inspired space, so make sure to join me to make the most out of this incredible philosophy within your home!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A few foundational insights into the Waldorf philosophy
  • How you can begin to create a Waldorf atmosphere in your home.
  • The importance of self-development in creating a Waldorf atmosphere.
  • How rhythm supports the creation of the physical space.
  • Kitchen: something to stand on to include your little ones in cooking and cleaning.
  • Family room: organize toys in baskets or shelves to develop an orderly way of thinking.
  • Bedroom: a less busy room that creates a peaceful and restorative environment.
  • Tips to help transform your home into a Waldorf-inspired atmosphere!