Episode 4: Connecting with the Energy of Spring + A Spring Rhythm

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Have you ever noticed changes within you as seasons change? Well, your child feels those changes too! Today is Seasonal Thursday on the We Nurture Podcast and I am talking about changes in your child during Spring. First off I’ll discuss how spring affects children’s movements and growth. I also delve into how temperature changes can affect health and what your body craves in terms of nourishment from food. I then discuss how a child’s rhythm changes during spring as well as why it is so important to have a consistent rhythm to make your child feel safe while allowing it to be flexible. I’ll  give an example of a spring rhythm. Next, I talk about in-breath and out-breath activities as well as some ways to connect with the energy of spring. Lastly, I talk about how important time spent outside is for development and nourishment during this season. Join me for the full episode to learn more about how spring rhythms can be used to nurture your child.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How spring affects your child’s growth.
  • The way in which the changes in temperature can affect your child’s health.
  • How your rhythm changes during spring.
  • The importance of rhythm for nurturing your child.
  • How we bring together a rhythm that’s predictable, consistent and still flexible.
  • The importance of sleep time for children.
  • An example of a spring rhythm.
  • Examples of in-breath and out-breath activities.
  • The importance of movement for children.
  • Some ways to connect with the energy of spring.
  • The importance of being outside during spring