Episode 33: 5 Waldorf Inspired Practices for a more Balanced Lifestyle

Season 6

Welcome to a new episode of the We Nurture Podcast! Today is Inspirational Wednesday, and I will be talking about five Waldorf-inspired principles that I believe will help cultivate a more balanced, nourishing lifestyle for your family (and for you too!). No matter your parenting situation, looking after little ones is no easy task. While focusing on the five principles, which are self-care, rhythm (one of my favorites!), daily routines, family values, home life and connecting with nature, I will help you understand how to cultivate balance when you live intentionally! While looking at sleep times, mealtimes, and play times, I help you understand how to better meet your child’s needs. I also give you some tips on creating simple, nurturing, doable, and nourishing self-care practices for when life feels like a balancing act.

/ Key Points From This Episode:

  • A new perspective on how to view balance in our lives.
  • Why parenting requires so much energy.
  • How you need to meet all your child’s needs: physical, emotional, and social.
  • Discussing five Waldorf-inspired principles.
  • 1: self-care (creating simple, nurturing, doable, and nourishing practices). 
  • 2: rhythm (sleep times, mealtimes, and play times).
  • 3: daily routines (building with intentionality to restore a sense of balance).
  • 4: family values (the tools you give your child, defining your family story, and creating healthy values).
  • 5: home life and connecting with nature (a place of security, safety, and cultivating a sanctuary).