Episode 32: Using Stories to Help your Child Handle Change

Season 6

Welcome back to another bountiful episode of blossoming Tuesday on the We Nurture Podcast. I’m your host, Chinyelu. Today, I talk about how you can use stories to calm your child when they are distressed. Your child could be agitated due to a break from routine or nervous about an upcoming event. In any case, stories are a way to capture your child’s attention and imagination, in an effort to bring calm to a situation. I will tell you how descriptive language is great for early childhood development, and how you, as a parent, do not need to tell the perfect story, only one that helps you connect with your child with a message that they can relate to. I will share two stories with you today, as examples of the ways that you can create imagery to bring peace to any moments of stress. I can’t wait for you to tune into this one! 

/ Key Points From This Episode:

  • Using stories to help children manage behavior that has become disruptive. 
  • How to use language to conjure up images that guide your child’s emotions to a calm state.
  • Why the loss of a sense of security and safety can cause dysregulation.
  • Descriptive language as an aid for early childhood development. 
  • The way stories can capture a child’s attention and imagination. 
  • Creating your own stories, as a parent, to bring calm. 
  • The types of stories that you can use to create imagery. 
  • Making sure that you do not direct your child through your stories. 
  • Creating imagery that your child can relate to. 
  • How to navigate through an unexpected event that interrupts the usual routine. 
  • Your story does not have to be perfect, so rather focus on connecting with your child!
  • Using animals in stories to better connect with your child. 
  • An example of a preview story: The Fox Family.