Episode 30: Managing Bedtime With Multiple Children

Season 6

Welcome to a new episode of the We Nurture Podcast! Today is Q&A Friday, and I am going to be talking about how to manage bedtimes when you have children of different ages. I am going to talk about the power of healthy, daily rhythms and having a holistic overview of the day. Before I get deep into today’s episode, I recap the six foundations of a healthy rhythm and give some quick examples of how to make sure you achieve these. Then, I will help you understand the effect a busy day has on the tiredness of your child, and I will draw on my own experiences to give you tips, tricks, and advice on how to juggle managing bedtime routines. I help you understand how to let go of the day and make peace with what has been, in the hopes of finding harmony tomorrow. From reading books before bed and having early dinners, to managing bathing and showering routines, this episode is helpful for parents and caregivers with children of all ages!

/ Key Points From This Episode:

  • Chinyelu discusses why she was at home with her three children (of all different ages).
  • The power of a healthy, daily rhythm and having a holistic overview of the day.
  • Talking about how different emotions are expressed at the end of the day, normally at bedtime.
  • Why children can become clingy at the end of the day.
  • How to have a harmonious bedtime.
  • The link between the end of today and the beginning of tomorrow.
  • Investing in a front carrier for your baby.
  • Why you should have early dinners, and how to create a bathing/showering routine.
  • Why you should read books (and the different kinds of books to read) before bed.
  • How you can put your day to rest and give yourself peace during bedtime.