Episode 3: How to Create Boundaries

season 6

For this episode of Inspirational Wednesday, we are unpacking the important concept of setting boundaries with your child. You can expect to hear all about how to create and hold healthy boundaries, with a focus on kindness, connecting, and love. It should come as no surprise that boundaries are absolutely  necessary, as they help to build trust and put your child on the path towards a manageable adulthood. In this episode we look at boundaries from two different angles; firstly giving three points of consideration before setting up a boundary, and then the three steps that you can implement when holding and reinforcing the limitation you have put in place. Listeners will come away with some great practical tips for certain scenarios, as well as a few reminders about what it means to model healthy behavior, so make sure to join us to hear it all!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Implementing a proactive approach to creating boundaries instead of a reactive one. 
  • Using a loving and kind approach to setting boundaries with a child.  
  • The importance of a child’s age, development, and personality when setting boundaries.  
  • Why consistency is so vital in determining the efficacy of a boundary.