Episode 29: Bringing Light Into Your Home This Winter

season 5

Winter, for so many, can be the most challenging season to adjust to. How can we ease the transition and bring more light, warmth, and coziness into our hearts and our home during this time? Today on Seasonal Thursday, we talk about bringing an inner experience of light into the home in winter. Chinyelu shares her own journey of adjusting to winter when she moved to the US from Nigeria, and some wonderful tips she learned along the way. In this episode, you’ll discover how to bring more light into your home by nurturing yourself and your inner light with creativity. We share ways to bring a calm, centering energy into the home with quiet and candlelight, as well as light and joy through singing. Join us for a wonderfully reassuring discussion on how to light up your home this winter, simply by nurturing your own inner light and sharing your warmth with love.

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