Episode 28: How Opened Ended Toys Build the Imagination

season 6

Did you know that when your child plays with a toy, they actually build a relationship with the toy and the material that the toy is made from can affect how they play with the toy. It’s important when we are intentional about the kinds of toys or play materials that we give to our child. Does it have warmth? Does it invite your child to play? How does it feel? How does your child engage with it? These are all good questions to ask.

Just  by watching your child, you can see how much their toys stimulate their imagination, their curiosity and approach to exploring their world. Children learn about their world through play and the toys and play materials that they use are a medium for this exploration.

The less formed a toy is the more room there is for your child to imagine and create their own ideas. Open-ended toys give children freedom to create and because they aren’t fixed they can be used in any number of ways. 

Join me in this episode to learn more!