Episode 26: Nurturing Gratitude in Your Home

season 5

Merely teaching your child to say “thank you” will not awaken in them a real inner feeling of thankfulness. How then do we, as parents, facilitate the profound heart-opening experience of gratitude? Today on Mindful Monday, we talk about mindful ways to nurture the practice of gratitude in your home. Feigning gratitude will only cause your child to imitate an empty expression of thankfulness. Thus, in this episode, we share some practical tips for you to authentically model gratitude for the goodness of life and for others. From meal-time blessings and caring for the home to making thoughtful thank you cards and gifts, your child’s heart will be filled with true feelings of gratitude. Join us today to find out how a positive attitude towards life, paired with eye contact and a warm smile, can make all the difference in nurturing a deeper feeling of gratitude and connection in your child.