Episode 25: Why to Stop Saying Good Job and What to Say Instead

season 5

Thanks for joining us on Q & A Friday! Today’s question is – “I’ve heard that saying Good Job isn’t helpful so what can I say instead? Many of us automatically default to praising a child when they have accomplished something, and a simple option is “Good job”. However, in today’s episode we find out why this is not the best option, and how it can negatively affect a child’s sense of self-confidence, inner joy and so much more. We hear about a wonderful article by Alfie Kohn entitled Five Reasons to Stop Saying “Good job”, which breaks down the five outcomes from praising a child following an activity: Manipulating children; Creating praise junkies; Stealing a child’s pleasure; Losing interest; and, Reducing achievement. Chinyelu also provides simple solutions and examples for you to move away from saying “Good job”, and a reminder that breaking a habit takes time. Don’t miss out on this educational episode!

Article by Alfie Kohn