Episode 25: Daily Self-Care for Stressed Parents

Season 6

In this Q & A Friday Episode, I’ll be talking about Self-Care for Stressed Parents.

This question was asked on our instagram poll when we asked parents to submit their questions for Q & A Friday on the podcast. It received a lot of votes which made it the clear choice for this episode. 

If you would like to ask a parenting question you can submit it on Instagram @we_nurture on Mondays during season 6!

 Listen in as I guide you through how to acknowledge your stress, process stress triggers, and even potentially prevent stress altogether. You’ll learn the negative effects of high-stress levels and how you can recognize this through your elevated emotions. 
When your self-care practices make it possible for you to have a deeper understanding of why your stress exists, this helps you understand ways to heal yourself. 
However, you need to remember that your stressors and emotions are valid, even if they make you feel like you are an incapable or imperfect parent. With examples such as going for a walk, having a bath, and resting when your child does, you’ll begin to understand how you need to nurture the parts of yourself that needs it the most. 
I hope this episode will inspire you to dig deep and start your daily self-care practices today!

Listen to hear more and learn ways to reduce your parenting stress!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The knockdown effects of high-stress levels.
  • Recognizing the beginning stages of elevated stress levels.
  • The implications of emotional disconnection.
  • The feelings of regret at the end of the vicious stress cycle.
  • How to determine the origin of your stress.
  • Examples of emotions that trigger stress.
  • Different practices to incorporate into your day-to-day life to alleviate stress.
  • The deepness that should take place during your self-care practices.
  • Examples of self-care practices that nurture the parts of yourself that need to be nurtured.
  • Different parts of self: emotional, social, physical, sensory, intellectual, creative, and spiritual.
  • How to achieve personal growth while you’re on the journey of reducing your stress.