Episode 24: The Benefits of Forest Bathing and Why It’s a Healthy Activity

season 6

In this episode, I talk about Forest Bathing, its benefits, and why it’s a healthy activity.
What is it about forest life that draws us, heals us, and brings us joy? 
What does it mean to bathe our senses in the atmosphere of the forest?
In the forest, nothing is asked of us so we find ourselves listening, observing, and noticing what’s around us. We relax. And when we are in a place where we can calmly take in our surroundings, particularly in a forest where our senses are bathed, we become peaceful just by the very fact that our body is in a restful state and that we’re breathing more deeply.
Join me as I take you on a journey through the forest to experience how and why it’s healing for the senses and the soul.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Understanding what forest bathing is.
  • The health benefits of forest bathing.
  • Why I built a forest at a Waldorf pre-school program.
  • Why forest life heals and nurtures our emotional well-being, physical bodies, and soul.
  • What it means to bathe our senses in the atmosphere of a forest.
  • How to craft and cultivate a simple and better forest experience.
  • Nature as a powerful antidote for sensory overload and challenging behaviors.
  • The ways children absorb experiences and how to use this to foster healthy development.
  • The four foundational senses as our child’s sensory building blocks.
  • How to observe your child in a forest bathing experience.