Episode 24: Late Autumn Crafting With Your Child

season 5

As we transition from autumn into winter, we once again experience changes in nature that draw us toward the mood of the season. It’s a time when we can start to think of simple ways to brighten our homes and cleanse the air with natural scents. Today on Seasonal Thursday, we share four very simple crafts that you can make with your child during this seasonal transition. These crafts all use natural supplies that hold the mood of late autumn’s transition into winter. Tune in as we walk you through the instructions for making each craft and the wonderful developmental benefits they will have for your child. We discuss the whole-body sensory experience of crafting with citrus fruits, the rich experience of gathering from nature, and the beautiful opportunity crafting provides for your child’s imagination to blossom. Join us today for some great tips and ideas for creating a joyful experience for your child and building your relationship with them through crafting.