Episode 22: Your Blossoming 5 Year Old

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Your child’s fifth year is an exciting one, filled with truly amazing growth and development. You’ll notice big changes in your child’s thinking and their capabilities, as well as in their play. Today on Blossoming Tuesday, we touch on various aspects of this fifth year, focusing on the wonderful shifts and changes that take place, and what to account for. We discuss the beauty of boredom and the way your child’s play is now stimulated by their inner imagination, rather than external stimuli. We talk about their simultaneous need for independence and boundaries, as well as for clear processes and unscheduled time for creative self-directed play. We advise you as to how many hours of sleep your five-year-old should be getting per night, and why you shouldn’t rush them into intellectual schoolwork. Join us today for an insightful discussion on how to support your blossoming five-year-old with love and clarity.