Episode 22: Nurturing Your Childs Ability to Self-Regulate

season 6

Welcome to another inspiring edition of Blossoming Tuesday on the We Nurture Podcast. 
Today, I talk about how to nurture your child’s ability to self-regulate. I highlight three stages of learning – supporting self-regulation, co-regulating, and achieving self-regulation  that, when nurtured, builds your child’s ability to regulate. You’ll come to understand what role your triggers, as a parent, play in your child’s self-regulation journey.  I share insights on the importance of breathing, talking, seeking help, and, of course, the undeniable benefits of play. Finally, I take a detailed look at the importance of self-regulation in children and adults alike.  Tune in to listen and  please share this episode with family and friends. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The three stages of learning that build your child’s ability to self-regulate.
  • Stage 1: Supporting self-regulation.
  • How to be a calm, nurturing presence for your child.
  • Stage 2: Co-regulating.
  • Stage 3: Achieving self-regulation.
  • Why understanding your triggers as a parent will help your child’s self-regulation.
  • How children develop self-regulation through self-directed play.
  • The reasons why self-regulation is essential.