Episode 20: Navigating Resistance and Aggressive Language

season 6

Today on Q&A Friday, I talk about how to mindfully navigate resistance and aggressive language in our children. With no simple one-size-fits-all approach, I guide you in understanding that each situation requires a personal tailored response: one that is in the best interest of your child. You’ll learn the importance of a child being able to express themselves, and how to look beyond their behavior with kindness and empathy for underlying issues that they may be trying to express. Discover seven reasons that can cause resistance and aggressive language, which include being overwhelmed, the inability to express emotions, mimicking their personal experiences, and changing communication styles. Plus, you’ll get some suggestions to navigate this behavior, from creating consistent home rhythms to holding boundaries, remaining calm in resistant situations, and acknowledging major developmental milestones. I hope you’ll join me for this informative and encouraging episode!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Navigating your child’s resistance while considering potential underlying causes.
  • How allowing your child to express themselves builds connections and strengthens relationships.
  • A list of seven things to consider when understanding resistant behavior.
  • Suggestions on how to combat resistant behavior.
  • Why adults must make bigger decisions and let children choose between two smaller choices.
  • How being overwhelmed can mirror being resistant.
  • The ways an adult can support their child through situations that trigger resistance.
  • What the Waldorf Education system defines as the individuation process.
  • The healing power of telling stories.
  • How to tame, work with, and deal with aggressive language and behavior