Episode 2: Ways to Nurture Your Child’s Speech Development

season 6

While it is true that all children develop at their own pace when it comes to speech, there are ways you can nurture their development. Today on Blossoming Tuesday I talk about how you can support your child’s speech development to help them blossom. I discuss how language develops from birth to preschool age and I break down the first five years of speech development. I also explain how important it is to understand that your child’s communication abilities may not parallel their emotional age until age seven and I  give tips to help with speech development and explain the connection between language and movement. I discuss games and activities that can support speech. Finally, I explain the importance of solo play to assist in language development. Tune in to We Nurture Podcast to help your child’s speech blossom!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The importance of understanding your child’s emotional age. 
  • Tips to help with your child’s speech development. 
  • The connection between movement and speech development. 
  • How reading, songs, and nursery rhymes help with language. 
  • How rapid movement games and household chores support speech development. 
  • The importance of allowing your child alone time to digest what they’ve learned.