Episode 17: Supporting Your Blossoming 4 Year Old

season 5

Today on Blossoming Tuesday, we focus on the wonderful shifts and changes that take place in your child’s fourth year, as well as some of the challenges you may be presented with. Your four-year-old is ready to explore so much more than they were before, and your role as the parent is to guide them with clarity about what is acceptable and what isn’t, in a kind and loving way. We discuss how to manage the challenges that come with all the new social interactions your child is now so ready to engage in, such as name-calling and new language and behaviors they pick up from other children. We share advice on how to help to build empathy in your child, and teach them inclusivity, while nurturing their burgeoning imagination with more complex stories and unstructured time for self-directed play. Tune in for all of this and so much more on truly understanding your four-year-old, and guiding them through their changes. Four-year-olds are so much fun to be with, and you are going to love seeing your child’s imagination grow and develop, and their capabilities soar!