Episode 17: Activities to Calm and Ground Your Child

season 6

Do you feel like your home needs more calm? Well, get ready for some peace at home as we welcome you to another episode of the We Nurture Podcast! Today, on Blossoming Tuesday, I talk about activities that you can do to ground and calm your child. Behavior is something that needs to be carefully considered and in this episode you’ll learn how your child’s behavior determines which calming activity best suits their needs. You’ll also discover just how important it is to identify your child’s individual needs. You’ll come to know why the ‘time of day’ makes a difference in your child’s behavior. There are four foundational senses that we are made aware of and there is a calming activity that speaks to each one of them. I talk about about warmth as a calming essential, water as therapy, and the benefits of creating a little fort for your child. Make sure that you tune in to find out how you can bring calm to your home!  

Key Points From This Episode:

Things to notice about your child’s behavior. 

  • How behavior determines the necessary calming activity.
  • The importance of identifying the ‘need’ of your child.
  • What different types of calming activities look like.
  • Why time of day is an important factor to consider.
  • How sense is important when choosing the right calming activity.
  • Looking at the four foundational senses.
  • Four calming activities that relate to the senses.
  • Grounding experiences for the imbalanced child.
  • Why warmth is used as a calming essential tool.
  • How water is akin to therapy.
  • The importance of cozy nooks and blanketed forts for you.

You’ll find our recipe for Homemade Warm Lavender Scented Play dough in today’s instagram post.