Episode 15: How to Repair from Angry Outbursts

season 5

Thanks for joining us on Q & A Friday! Today’s question is “What’s behind Angry outbursts and how to repair with your child.” The habits that we develop in childhood become cellular memory, and this cellular memory then becomes a part of who we are. Our habits quite literally live in our cells, so it’s no wonder that it takes such great, conscious effort to break past patterns. Today on Q&A Friday, we discuss what’s behind angry outbursts, as parents, and how to repair with your child. We talk about the healing and transformation that is required to avoid projecting any past patterns onto your child, and we talk you through the steps you can take when you feel your emotions rising. Committing to transformation will allow for your child’s trust in you, and by modeling self-control and healthy ways of communicating, you will encourage them to learn to do the same. Tune in for some wonderful insight into how, by allowing yourself the space to heal within and be your most authentic self, you are setting your child up to blossom into a kind and thoughtful communicator.