Episode 14: Restorative Foods for Spring

season 6

Today, the We Nurture Podcast is all about making your child blossom like a spring flower! We have the added pleasure of being joined by health and beauty coach, Jolene Hart.
Jolene speaks about the importance of getting your child into the rhythm of eating with the seasons from an early age. And that it’s possible to make healthy eating fun for them! 
Tune in to hear Jolene’s advice and tips from her own personal and professional experience.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Jolene’s most important food recommendations to include in family meals.
  • Making healthy eating, vegetables in particular, fun for children.
  • Detoxing: why this is not a scary concept but one to be embraced.
  • A bit about Jolene’s research process.
  • How you can cultivate a foodie curiosity in your own home.