Episode 13: Nurturing Confidence in your Child

season 6

Today on Inspirational Wednesday, I’ll show you ways in which you can nurture your child’s confidence and I’ll share the value of raising a self-confident child, how to achieve this, and how a child’s early experiences lay the foundation for their life. For a child to be self-confident, they need to be given the freedom to experience new things in their world of “play“ and you, as their parent, need to allow them the opportunity to be governed by their own will. Moreover, parents need to practice what they preach, as children learn as much from observation as they do from activity. Make sure you tune in to hear how you can raise a self-confident child!

Key Points From This Episode:

• Self-confidence is developed and driven by the child’s own will (impulse and desire to do what interests them).
• Nurture your child’s will by giving them opportunities to help in daily life activities.
• Give your child plenty of time for unstructured play.
• Engaging a child’s will harnesses their inner strength and thus builds their confidence.
• As a parent, work on your own self-confidence.
• Mindfulness of your words and actions that are directed at your child.
• Being a strong role model for your child to imitate.