Episode 13: How to Thrive Intentionally as a Family

season 5

Intentional parenting is key to nurturing a happy, healthy child, and will also help your family grow. Tune in to today’s Inspirational Wednesday where Chinyelu breaks down the five areas she feels will help you become a more intentional parent: predictability in your rhythms, how you communicate, connecting with your child to build a strong relationship, setting boundaries, and choosing your family values. Find out why the values you grew up with don’t need to be the ones you apply to your own family, and the techniques you can use to pick your new ones. We also discuss what activities and times of the day are best for introverted and extroverted children to connect with you, and how this can help your daily productivity. Self-discipline is key in how you communicate and set boundaries, but remember to always be kind to yourself! Press play now to listen to this peaceful episode.