Episode 12: What You Can Learn From Your Childs Drawings (Part Two)

season 6

Today on Blossoming Tuesday, I am continuing the discussion of how to understand your child’s drawings. I’ll explain the importance of being patient with your child and allowing them freedom of expression as they transition through their developmental stages. You will begin to understand that something as simple as the ability to draw a circular shape, sun-ray shapes, dots, and lines sees a child go through many processes and developmental stages. We start to understand the significance of drawing as allowing a child to begin their exploration of their path to self-discovery. We follow along as Chinyelu explains how drawings can represent ego-consciousness, self-awareness, and cognitive connections. We are left with many examples and interpretations of the meaning behind drawings. Tune in to understand how to use these interpretations to better understand your child!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How drawings represent a child’s physical and cognitive connections.
  • Sunray shapes as a representation of consciousness of the outside world. 
  • Dot shapes as an insight into a child’s ego and consciousness of self.
  • How a child’s drawings show their relationship with inner and outer space.
  • How to interpret the way a child draws themselves, other people, and their house.