Episode 11: Cultivating a Habit of Eating Wholesome Food

season 6

Today on Mindful Monday, I will be exploring what it means to cultivate a habit of mindful eating. You will learn, through my personal stories and tips, what wholesome food is and how to introduce it into your children’s lives. First, I’ll begin by understanding that food needs to be seen as much more than just what we eat. I will guide you through what a good relationship with food looks like and how to foster this in your children. Secondly, I will share insight into the healing properties and connections that come with being present in all aspects of your food purchasing, preparation, and eating. Lastly, I’ll share tips on how joy, gratitude, and experiences shape the way your children will grow up thinking about food. Tune in to explore all the ways you can help our children connect to the earth!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A background of her relationship with food and her love for cooking and gardening.
  • The importance behind our intentions when preparing and eating a meal.
  • Exploring what it means to feel our soul senses.
  • How children develop life skills by participating in their meal preparations and food shopping.
  • The power of observing our children’s reactions and behavior towards different foods.
  • Rhythm, repetition, and joy allow a child to develop a positive relationship with food.
  • Minimizing pressure around finishing food positively