Episode 11: Creating a Weekly Rhythm and the Mood of Each Day

season 5

Each day of the week is associated with a different planetary body. These give different days unique qualities that you can harmonize with to support your daily life. Join us today for Mindful Monday, as Chinyelu talks us through these daily qualities and what you can do to best align yourself with them. From the book that helped her to develop a deeper relationship with each day to her own experience with the Waldorf Early Childhood Program, you don’t want to miss this practical episode! We explain why certain qualities are linked to specific weekdays and suggest a wealth of exercises and routines specific to each day for you to nurture your child. You’ll find out which days are for forgiveness, which are for engaging and expanding, and how to access the six-step action guide made for you, as well as the ways in which you can adjust your home rhythms according to the energy of each day and start living your harmonized life!