Episode 10: Must Have Parenting Books and Advice for Discipline in the Early Years

season 5

Welcome to We Nurture Podcast’s Q&A Friday, where each week we answer questions that you submit to our Instagram page or website. This week we answer the question “What parenting books or authors do you recommend, for discipline and the early years?”. Tune in to hear the top seven books Chinyelu recommends, and which chapters in each most resonated with her. Chinyelu also breaks down why discipline and the early years cannot be separated, and the importance of paying attention to your child’s daily experiences. Join us as we dive into how discipline affects both the child and the parent, and what you can do to ensure you discipline your child in the most nurturing way. Find out how your self-discipline and your upbringing can both affect the way you discipline your child. Finally, remember that you are your child’s first teacher! Don’t miss out on this information-packed episode.