Episode 1: Parenting with Loving Kindness Instead of Fear

season 6

Join me in the first episode of season 6 as I talk about how you can  resolve conflict of needs (your’s and your child’s) through understanding and connection. The focus of this episode will be on parenting with loving kindness instead of fear,  fear that is communicated through threats. 

When you parent with loving kindness, your relationship with your child strengthens. Although, it will take time, in fact years of consistently meeting your child’s needs in loving kind ways, there are steps you can take that will guide you. I’ll mention these steps in the episode.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The negative effect of fear on a child.
  • An example of a scenario where you can choose to parent with kindness.
  • The importance of understanding why your child has a negative response to an instruction.
  • Some helpful steps to parent mindfully.