Episode 7: Creating a Waldorf Inspired Home using the Waldorf-Home-Schooling Method

season 7

You’re in for a real treat in this episode!
Listen in to my in-depth conversation with guest Catherine Read, PhD author of ‘The Genius of Home’ – Teaching Your Children At Home With The Waldorf Curriculum.

Catherine and I met about 30 years ago when we attended a Waldorf Playgroup at a Waldorf school in Southern California and then after moving across the country we reconnected again on the East Coast when we both moved at different years to Pennsylvania. Catherine and I share immense respect for the Waldorf method not only for the curriculum but also for how it provides wise guidance for healthy family life and a way of living.

Catherine shares her experience homeschooling her two children with the Waldorf method and how this awakened her to her own self-development and how the child awakens to the world as well as the development of consciousness during childhood. Catherine also shares how she approached homeschooling her two children and so much more!

Whether you’re thinking of homeschooling and/or want to incorporate the Waldorf method or way of living in your home, listening to this episode is a great starting point.

The Genius of Home
Learn more about Catherine’s work here