Why Rhythm Is Key to Transforming Your Homelife

By Chinyelu Kunz

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01. The benefits of a daily rhythm for your child

02. How to use rhythm to transform a chaotic home into a calm one

03. Using in-breaths and out-breaths for more balanced days

When Rhythm becomes a habit and a way that we organize our day then the activities that take place during the day are accepted as self-evident. This will eliminate many struggles and challenges with your child from transitions, to bedtime as well as being able to follow your guidance.

So what is rhythm and why do we give it so much importance?

As parents, you are entrusted with your child’s early years of life and rhythm is key to building a sense of predictability which for your child means being able to trust you and to trust what happens in their environment. From this experience of predictability, your child also gains a feeling of security and a knowing that “all is well” and that they are safe. When your days are rhythmical your child will be more grounded, more content with the flow of each day, and more able to be their best self.

Rhythm’s outer structure creates form and within the form, you have freedom which can truly come about when life is not disorganized. When you create a rhythmic structure to your days and week, you are establishing a foundation upon which everything else that happens in your home will be built.

Rhythm is key to transforming a chaotic home into a calm home. Rhythm is key to transforming your relationship with your child. Rhythm is key to transforming your child’s relationship with you and with family members.

Rhythm is a mindful awakening to living. Rhythm is structure and balance. Rhythm supports a harmonious life. Rhythm gives you strength and heals. Rhythm is the flow of daily activities that alternate between being quiet or being active. It’s much like breathing – breathing in and breathing out. A healthy rhythm provides a strong foundation for your child’s life and yours too!

In healthy rhythms, there is room for flexibility because it isn’t rigid and instead there is a flow to the day’s activities that provide a balance between in-breath activities like sitting down for a meal or quietly reading a story and out-breath experiences like playing outside, or having a playdate with a friend. When you balance in-breath and out-breath activities, you’ll notice that your child will have more harmonious days and be able to listen and follow your guidance with greater ease.

When you choose to create a rhythmic structure you are choosing to live mindfully and by living mindfully, you will be open to seeing and experiencing blessings in daily life. In doing so, you’ll find yourself celebrating life and its daily joys!

When you say yes to creating healthy rhythms for your family, you might be faced with having to shift your priorities or perhaps even change the way you think about your child’s needs and the compromises that you’ll need to make. In the beginning, you will find this to be challenging but have courage, in time it will become second nature.

As you create your family’s new rhythms, keep in mind that as your child grows and develops, their body rhythms will change and adjustments will need to be made to your existing home rhythms. The benefit to having already established daily rhythms is that the regularity that your child has been experiencing will support them through developmental changes because of their daily experience of living in a stable rhythmic environment.

The rhythmic structure that you create and hold each day for your child is like giving your child a gift-a gift that remains with them for the rest of their life.

Rhythm builds trust!

Rhythm gives your child a strong inner sense of security and safety!

Rhythm grounds your child!

Rhythm builds healthy parent/child relationships!

Rhythm establishes good lifelong habits!

Rhythm is mindful parenting!