#87 Dahlia, The Blind Fairy

by Mary Natale

One mid-summer’s day, ten little fairies danced in a ring of stones under the wise, old elder tree when suddenly, Dahlia smelled smoke. Her pet hawk, Jupiter swooped in to help as the fairy queen told all the animals how they could help alert their forest and field friends. Everyone jumps into action including Dahlia. A very touching story about friends helping each other in a moment of need.

Perfect for children ages 3 to 7

/ About the Author: Mary Natale

Mary has been a teacher of young children for many years. She studied at the Institute of Child Study in Toronto, and upon graduating with her Ontario Teacher’s Certificate and Diploma in Child Studies, she began working in a private setting, telling stories and engaging children in artistic activities. After teaching Kindergarten at the Toronto Catholic District School Board for ten years, to her delight, she discovered Waldorf education and has been working at the Toronto Waldorf School for the past sixteen years as an Assistant in the Nursery and Kindergarten programs.  “It was not until I began assisting in the Waldorf Early Childhood programs, where my soul was fed each day, that I began to write children’s stories.” Mary lives in Toronto with her husband, two sons, and two spoiled dogs – Joey and Charlie.