#22 Hamid and the Sultan’s Son Part 2

This story is about a special friendship between Hamid, the son of a poor date grower and Omar, the son of a Sultan.  They meet in a Moroccan market place where Omar has come to learn more about life. Last week we heard about Hamid’s long journey with his father, Abdul as they rode on their donkey, Zagib to the marketplace to sell their dates.  Both Hamid and Abdul were so thirsty when they arrived at the marketplace but they had no money to buy water.  Abdul then decided to go to the mosque to pray and told Hamid that he must guard their wares until he returned.  While Hamid waited, a snake charmer came to play his flute for him while the snake danced.  Meanwhile, across town the Sultan’s son, Prince Omar who lived in a palace was unhappy and decided he wanted to know about life outside of the palace.  Now the story continues…

We adapted this story for audio, original story by Anne Rose; published by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc.

We recommend this story for ages 5 to 9