#73 Lorenza’s Grandmother – A Story for Dia de Los Muertos

A beautiful and tender story about a little girl named Lorenza who dearly misses her grandmother who has crossed the rainbow bridge. One autumn morning, Lorenza was feeling sad because she wanted to see her grandmother again. Mother Earth sees Lorenza walking in the forest and goes to help her so that she can once again feel her grandmother’s light in her heart.

We recommend this story for ages  4 – 7

/ About the Author: Maria Fernanda Wetzel

Maria is originally from Ecuador and has been living in Chicago for 20 years. She was a public school teacher for 10 years and left the public school system when her daughter was a toddler. She found Waldorf when she was looking for a preschool for her daughter and fell in love with the Waldorf parent-child program. Maria started her journey in a Waldorf school as an assistant and currently she is working as a mixed age early childhood lead teacher. Maria loves her job and hopes to continue growing. In her free time, she loves to cook, read and run.