#67 Finding the Right Song

Once there was a forest where a great many birds made their homes and during the day the young birds played together with their friends. One day danger came to their forest and all the birds had to stay in their nests and could no longer play together. 

We recommend this story for ages 3 – 7 

/ About the Author: Stephen Spitalny

Stephen Spitalny is a writer, early childhood consultant and kindergarten teacher. He offers insight into early childhood development and into various aspects of the young child. Stephen offers individual consulting, lectures and courses for parents and teachers around the world since the early 1990s. 

He has taught at the Santa Cruz Waldorf School since 1990.  

Stephen’s first book, Connecting With Young Children: Educating the Will, was published in 2011. Conscious Parenting: A Guide to Living with Young Children and What’s the Story: Storytelling as a Path Toward Living Happily Ever After were published in 2015. He has written numerous articles for various journals and magazines and book collections. His work has been translated into several languages. Visit chamakanda.com to learn more about Stephen and his work.