#65 Daisy and Dilly and Their Ducklings

Daisy and Dilly are two Mama ducks that live in a beautiful little pond with all their ducklings. One day, they notice that their ducklings have grown so much that there‚Äôs not enough room in the pond or enough food for everyone. What can they do? 

We recommend this story for ages 2 – 7

/ About the Author: Anja Toddington

Anja moved to the UK from Germany nearly 30 years ago and she currently works as a Kindergarten teacher and early years manager at South Devon Steiner School in the UK, and this is her 14th year at the school.  
The school is in a very rural and beautiful area, which provides the perfect inspiration for writing stories about animals, nature, and elementals.  Anja wrote this story many years ago as a transition story for a group of nursery children where some of them were moving up to the Kindergarten class that she would be teaching while others were staying in the Nursery with her assistant who became the Nursery teacher. 
Please visit www.southdevonsteinerschool.org to learn more about Anja’s school!