Episode 34: The Benefits of Creating a Summer Seasonal Table

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It’s Seasonal Thursday and I’m so excited to have you here today. Welcome to the We Nurture Podcast with me, your host, Chinyelu. Today, I’ll be talking about the benefits of creating a summer seasonal table for you and your child. Waldorf Education calls it a nature table and it is all about creating nature scenes that reflect what is happening outside in nature, during that season. I’ll speak to you about how a seasonal table opens up opportunities for creativity, engagement, bonding, communication, connection and care. It is a natural way to encourage outdoor play and it allows your child to connect with nature in a personal way, as you let them go about their explorations.  A seasonal table is all about engaging your child’s senses, as well as strengthening your bond with them through an activity that you can do together. Bring along your child-like wonder as you tune in for this one. 

/ Key Points From This Episode:

  • Being drawn to the ‘why‘ of a summer seasonal table/nature table as a young mother new to Waldorf Education.
  • Encouraging an interest in and respect for the natural world.
  • Helping your child learn about nature in a personal way, developing a caring attitude for the earth.
  • A natural way to encourage outside play.
  • How your child can get a deeper experience of exploring the world around them.
  • Placing focus on allowing your child the opportunity to investigate and explore like a scientist.
  • The importance of play with objects from nature and further developing the sense of touch.
  • Why flowers matter and how to arrange them with your child.
  • The most important aspect of creating a seasonal table: being together with your child.
  • Introducing seasonal foods/recipes to your child and having them help you prepare that meal.
  • Crafting with natural objects and materials.
  • Having a crafted tree as a grounding presence on your seasonal table.
  • Ideas on how to start a seasonal table and where to place it in your home.