Episode 31: Why Time Outs Don’t Work and What to Do Instead

Season 6

Welcome to a new episode of the We Nurture Podcast! Today is Mindful Monday, and I will be discussing why giving a child a timeout doesn’t work. Timeouts, which are ineffective and punitive, never serve their intended purpose. While delving deep into the topic, I explain why we need to change our perception of dealing with negative behavior, and how by doing this, we create an opportunity to support our children, connect with them, and build a relationship. I try to help you understand the importance of being present when your child reflects and processes their behavior, how to teach your child emotional regulation, the ways to guide them with your own strengths and boundaries, and how timeouts cause our children to create beliefs that they are worthy of punishment.  Plus, I give you suggestions and helpful strategies on what to do instead of timeouts, how to acknowledge why you desire to send your child to timeout, and the importance of giving your child autonomy and choice. I hope you can join me!

/ Key Points From This Episode:

  • How to change our response to our child’s negative behavior.
  • How to figure out what our child is trying to communicate when they have negative behavior.
  • Helpful strategies to use when dealing with a child’s misbehavior.
  • Understanding what the flawed goal of timeout is.
  • Why we need to be present when our children reflect on their behavior.
  • How we help our children with emotional regulation by being present.
  • Why our children need to feel comforted and guided when they are presenting negative behavior.
  • The lessons to teach our children when they are processing their feelings.
  • How to reflect on why you are sending your child to timeout.
  • The power of giving a child autonomy and choice.
  • How to incorporate the outside when you’re dealing with misbehavior.
  • The importance of reflecting on your child’s negative behavior.