Episode 27: Changes In Your 6-Year-Old

season 5

Your child’s sixth year is a time of heightened transformation. You’ll find that your six-year-old’s changes will, in turn, call for a transformation in the way you guide them as parents. Today on Blossoming Tuesday, we focus on the changes that take place in the sixth year, from your child’s increasing energy levels and capacity for thinking to their growing sense of independence. We discuss ways to facilitate your child’s new energy and guide them to put it to purposeful use, as well as how to manage their behavioral changes. We talk about your child’s need for you to adhere to your loving boundaries, but perhaps shift how you communicate with them. In this episode, you’ll learn about your six-year-old’s inner awakening and their newfound sense of separateness from you, and how to hold them through it. This time in your child’s development offers a beautiful opportunity to reflect on the boundaries you have already established and see where you need to rein things in. You’ll need to focus on strengthening your center and remaining calm while your six-year-old rides the stormy seas of their transformation. Join us for an enlightening discussion on understanding, hearing, and supporting your blossoming six-year-old.