Episode 16: Why It’s Important for Children to Know There’s Goodness in the World

season 6

Welcome to another exciting edition of Mindful Monday on the We Nurture Podcast! In this episode, I’ll be talking about the importance of letting children know that there is goodness in the world. Life is hard, so children need to know that even in difficult times, goodness does exist. You’ll learn that parents need to protect our children from our adult fears and anxieties and that we, as adults, need to be a model of happiness that our children can look up too. We come to understand that fear can make a child shut down and that we shouldn’t expose them to news and other adult content while they are still young. We should, instead, shower them with love and positivity. Positive affirmations can help your child develop a sense of being safe. And, we can positively affirm that today’s episode is not to be missed!  

May this episode encourage you and help you to discover hope and joy in life everyday and that you’ll find the strength and courage to show your child that there is indeed Goodness in the World!

Key Points From This Episode:

• Why it is important for children to know that there is goodness in the world. 

• Why children need to be protected from adult fears and anxieties.

• The way Chinyelu’s childhood experiences of war formed her beliefs!

• Discovering ways to be a model of happiness for our kids. 

• How to help your child develop a sense of safety.

• What it means to meet the world with warmth and an open heart.

• How to create moments of stillness.

• The importance of positive affirmations.